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Who We Are

Exceedence Ltd was set up in 2014 to catalyse commercialisation and investment in the renewable industry by providing sector specific, independent credible and robust financial planning, evaluation and optimisation software which was built and tested around international standards. Exceedence aim to provide the gold standard evaluation for the sector to create sound, equitable and independent financial planning which will bring confidence into and de-risk the sector.

Raymond Alcorn
Raymond AlcornCEO and Founder
Raymond Alcorn has 15 years of experience in renewable energy from a commercial and R&D background both overseas and in Ireland. Originally a Chartered electrical engineer, Dr. Alcorn has spent his entire career developing and commercialising renewable energy.
John Keating
John KeatingDirector and Founder
A Co-Founder of Exceedence and with over 20 years of Corporate Experience, John has extensive knowledge of the Renewable Energy Sector and in particular Marine Renewables.

Chris O’Donoghue
Chris O’DonoghuePrincipal Software Engineer
Over 25 years experience in professional development of enterprise IT systems using a wide variety of tools, for a range of platforms. Chris has spent the last number of years leading various teams developing software for renewables.

Annicka Wann
Annicka WannSenior Projects Engineer
Annicka manages our technical projects. She has an energy systems background with a 2 Masters degrees one in Engineering and one in Energy systems. She has worked in hydropower and energy storage for Utilities and Engineering consultants .

Anthony Sherlock
Anthony SherlockSoftware Developer
Anthony works mostly on our Cloud developments. Anthony came to Exceedence from the Fasttrack to IT programme.

Years renewable domain expertise
Years software development experience
Years corporate finance experience
Years R&D experience
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