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Exceedence’s CEO and Business developer share their experiences at the Pre-Commercialisation day organised by NDRC

Research centres are often the place for innovation and creation of new products for the market. These new technologies can therefore be the beginning of a beautiful story for a person that wishes to create his own business. NDRC ( organised a day of fast learning about how to build a successful business in Tyndall

Exceedence Interactive Forum

At Exceedence, we are currently improving our software products and would like YOU, the users, to participate. As we think that there is no better feedback than from people using an application, we think that your feedback will help us develop software that will answer your needs. Different sections will be available. Software News will

Exceedence Ltd at the MRIA Ocean Energy Forum, February 3rd, Alexander Hotel, Dublin

The Marine Renewable Industry Association (MRIA) will have his annual conference in the Alexander Hotel in Dublin, the 3rd of February 2017. This year, the MRIA has been sponsored by one of our customer, Wavepower Ireland (see agenda: As Exceedence is one of the principal actors in the Renewable Energy sector, MRIA has given

Exceedence Finance is “Incredibly Effective Software”

Stuart Betts-Williams of Wavepower Ltd was speaking last Friday at the Maynooth Centre for Ocean Energy Research’s 5th Annual Wave Energy Workshop. Delegates from industry, government and academia heard how Wavepower has adopted Exceedence Finance as their techno-financial modelling standard and rolled it out through their company. He described it as “Incredibly effective software” This

Exceedence win Spin Out Award

Exceedence have taken home the award for "Spin Out establishment of the year" at UCC's Innovation Awards 2016, sponsored by Purdy Lucey Patent Attorneys. The award is for a company that has established, scaled and reached revenues within a year of its formation.  Exceedence spun out in 2015, has grown to 6 staff and has

Exceedence – The Story of our Quest

Article by Suzanne Burns Life as a startup contains as much drama and intrigue as you would find in Lord of the Rings. According to CEO and Founder of Exceedence, Raymond Alcorn, the quests for both are surprisingly similar. Dogged determination to find the ‘precious’, overcoming your foes and dealing with inner and outer demons.