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The only way to make the most out of your renewable energy projects is to carry out comprehensive techno-commercial evaluation. Exceedence Finance software empowers users to complete such evaluation in the following marine renewable energy sectors;

Wind, Offshore Wind, Wave, Tidal and Combined Platform technologies.

No other software tool is as flexible or as comprehensive across these sectors in providing techno-commercial evaluations. It provides a powerful functionality enabling you to carry out critical techno-commercial evaluations of your projects, whether at early feasibility stage or later on.

  • Sector specific software tool

  • Built to work in any global market

  • Credible and robust

  • Planning, evaluation and optimisation

  • Tested around international standards

  • Variable granularity

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Our software is a key tool for the Renewable Energy sector, enabling the stakeholders to reduce their time to commercialisation and increase their profitability.

A shortcoming of the renewable energy sector is its ability to produce robust and credible financial plans based around project implementation of wind, wave, tidal, offshore wind and combined technologies.

This had had the knock on slowing the sector due to the investors inability to quantify or differentiate technical and financial risk. Exceedence will create sound, equitable and independent financial planning which will bring confidence to and de-risk the sector.

Exceedence software provides an easy like for like comparison across devices, projects and locations with the bottom line being financial viability. Indicators such as Levelised Cost (LCOE), Internal Rate of Return (IRR) , Net Present Value (NPV), Payback and Cash flows are given that answer the questions.

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There is full, realtime integration of technical and financial input/output. This means that right across an organisation from engineer to finance to CEO, everyone can see the impact of change. This will create a new way of communicating project requirements through the development chain.
The tools have been built around the highest international standards, both emerging and existing. It produces all the usual indicators like LCOE, IRR, NPV but it allows the user full control of how these are achieved.
20 major world currencies supported.
Start quickly and build a project based on estimated figures OR you can go right into the detail of every nut and bolt. There are 1015 editable inputs and factors. Alternatively, use our suggestions based on-up-to date industry trends. This allows for rapid prototyping and comparison of potential projects leading to easy like-for-like selection.
Database of 470 years worth of resource data for 24 locations in wind, wave and tidal. It also has 35 device types built in for wave wind and tidal and it can easily cope with combined technology projects.
Although provided with a large database, you can import your own data if required.
Try different scenarios quickly and easily. The user can also run sensitivity analysis to determine where the major risks are in the project.
Manually or automatically optimise the project. A goal seek can be done which will vary a parameter to find a target.
Produces a standardised report in pdf and produces all the expected financials in an 18 tab standardised spreadsheet.

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