Exceedence have been selected as one of 4 projects from 8 to go through the Wave Energy Scotland Phase 2 PTO funding with their project GATOR.  Exceedence will lead the £495,000  project with partners Technology from Ideas, Pelagic Innovation, UCC and the University of Strathclyde.

The project is to further develop and test a novel innovative hydraulic PTO concept consisting of a flexible compliant polymer spring tube. This polymer spring (or Gator) can be designed with a wide range of non-linear response curves allowing tailoring of the stress strain response. The seawater compatible Gator acts as a pump compressing internal fluid (such as sea-water) and driving a hydraulic PTO system. As it does not require any seals, is designed for 10’s of million compression cycles, can be fabricated at reasonable cost at all scales, is seawater compatible, can be implemented in a system with very low maintenance requirements, and offers a potentially appealing LCOE for renewable energy PTO requirements.

Exceedence’s role as principal contractor is overall project management and full LCOE modelling of the concept on various wave devices using our Exceedence FINANCE software.  We will also be leading the commercialistion and roll out of the technology along with our partners.

Download a Flyer on GATOR

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