At Exceedence, we are currently improving our software products and would like YOU, the users, to participate.

As we think that there is no better feedback than from people using an application, we think that your feedback will help us develop software that will answer your needs.

Different sections will be available.

Software News will give you all the updates about the development of ExceedenceFinance.

FAQ’s and How-to questions and Tutorials will answer any of your queries concerning the use and purchase of the software.

Suggestions and Requests will be your space to make any recommendations for the improvements of the software.

Background, Theory and Standards will give you the space to exchange with other users about the latest way to analyse LCOE, IRR and talk about how to finance your Energy projects and the standards to do so.

Finally, Bugs and Issues will be a way for you to let us any problem that you might come across while using the software.

In the past, we have been helped in our development by users, and in the future we might contact you to be beta users.

So, get your posts ready and come to our forum and engage with us.