Exceedence worked with innovative marine wind turbine company Daretech Ltd to show the benefits of using their wind turbine technology on marine vessels in port.

We were able to show the cost benefit in terms of diesel offset and help Daretech make a compelling business case.

  • The Daretech Hi-GEN 5kW is a viable solution for marine vessels in port from a minimum of 50% per year
  • Diesel offsetting to a minimum value of €15.5k
  • A minimum of 3,700 hours saved on operating the generator
  • A minimum of 34 tons CO2 emission saved

Daretech said –  “We need robust metrics when approaching marine vessel owners with our technology. Exceedence have independently verified our technology using Exceedence FINANCE, giving us the convincing arguments, we were looking for.”

Read the full case study here. Case Study – Dare Tech