Averaging Resource Data

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Re: Averaging Resource Data

Postby rayalcorn » Wed Jan 25, 2017 10:28 am


there is full averaging functionality within the Exceedence Finance resource screens, either at the main resource screen, or at the resource screen shown during project build.

Lets say you want to average 10 years of wave data. Go to the resource that has 10 years of wave data available. View the data. You will see a list of all the data available. Click on wave. Then in the data window click on the select check box and then select all the years you wish to average.

It will aks you for a filename. THIS IS THE ISSUE. Naming convention. The software needs a valid year for the new data set that you have created and it cannot be a year that you already have. The workaround that I have use is just to give it a future year like 2108. If you DONT do this, the data will still be averaged but you wont have it available to project builds. You can still view it, generate graphs and stats but cant use it for calcs. If you DO give it a year, then you can use it as normal and the software will report the year as AVG in the main project build dashboard.

So in short, the function is there, just a bit of caution required in its use. We will pass this to the development team.

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