Our software is a key tool for the Renewable Energy sector

enabling the stakeholders to reduce their time to commercialisation and increase their profitability.

A shortcoming of the renewable energy sector is its ability to produce robust and credible financial plans based around project implementation of wind, wave, tidal, offshore wind and combined technologies.

This had had the knock on slowing the sector due to the investors inability to quantify or differentiate technical and financial risk. Exceedence will create sound, equitable and independent financial planning which will bring confidence to and de-risk the sector.

Exceedence software provides an easy like for like comparison across devices, projects and locations with the bottom line being financial viability. Indicators such as Levelised Cost (LCOE), Internal Rate of Return (IRR) , Net Present Value (NPV), Payback and Cash flows are given that answer the questions.

For Investors and M&A

Make better decisions faster. Compare projects and technologies on a like for like basis on a single dashboard allowing you to choose the best projects for your portfolio.

For Consultants

Quickly build and share models with clients and focus on your value-add optimisation through our Analytics and What-if Dashboards.

For Project developers

Prospect the best locations and choose the right technology for you renewable farms.  Use the yield dashboard to match technology to resource and optimise through analytics.

For device developers & supply chain

Prioritise your R&D resources and plan for cost reduction through optimisation.  Demonstrate your product’s lifecycle competitiveness. 

Wind, Offshore Wind, Wave, Tidal

and Combined Platform technologies.

The only way to make the most out of your renewable energy projects is to carry out comprehensive techno-commercial evaluation. Exceedence Finance software empowers users to complete such evaluation in the following marine renewable energy sectors;

No other software tool is as flexible or as comprehensive across these sectors in providing techno-commercial evaluations. It provides a powerful functionality enabling you to carry out critical techno-commercial evaluations of your projects, whether at early feasibility stage or later on.

  • Sector specific software tool

  • Built to work in any global market

  • Credible and robust

  • Planning, evaluation and optimisation

  • Tested around international standards

  • Variable granularity

Exceedence Lite

  • Included
  • • High level cost entry

Exceedence Standard

  • billed per quarter
  • Full featured package for majority of users
  • Included
  • Lite +

Exceedence Enterprise Modules

  • billed per quarter
  • Customisable Modules for the Power User
  • Options
  • Standard +

Co-Branded Co-Sold

  • billed per quarter
  • Joint packages with other vendors offering domain specific solutions
  • Options

Have a question about the software? Contact us.

Have a question about the software? Contact us.