Our software is a key tool for the Renewable Energy sector

Enabling clients to reduce time to project commercialisation and increase profitability.

A shortcoming of the renewable energy sector is its ability to produce robust and credible financial plans based around project implementation of wind, wave, tidal, offshore wind and combined technologies.

This has had the knock on effect of slowing the sector due to the investors inability to quantify or differentiate technical and financial risk. Exceedence has created a sound, equitable and independent financial planning software tool, which will bring confidence to, and de-risk, the sector.

Exceedence software provides an easy like-for-like comparison across devices, projects and locations with the bottom line being financial viability.

Indicators such as Levelised Cost of Electricity (LCOE), Internal Rate of Return (IRR) , Net Present Value (NPV), Payback and Cash flows are provided to answer these questions.

For Investors and M&A

  • Make better decisions faster

  • Compare multiple projects and mixed renewable technologies on a like for like basis

  • View detailed metrics such as IRR, NPV, ROI, Capacity factor, LCOE on a single dashboard

  • Create summary reports

For Consultants

  • Quickly build and share models with clients

  • Focus on your higher value services through our Analytics and What-if Dashboards.

  • Increase turnaround and margin

  • Standardise your workflow and shorten onboarding

  • Create detailed reports

For Project developers

  • Prospect the best locations

  • Test different technology offers and find the best for your renewable farms

  • Stress test the technical and financial elements including PPA, REFIT, CFD or bid price

  • Discount poor projects quickly

For device developers & supply chain

  • Prioritise your R&D resources

  • Plan for overall cost reduction through optimisation

  • Demonstrate your product’s lifecycle competitiveness

  • Present a credible LCOE to investors or funders

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