Wave energy device developers require accurate financial projections which are based on detailed engineering models and real-world wave resources. Accelerating the development and refinement of innovative designs with genuine prospects is a key challenge for companies aiming to de-risk projects and attract external investment.

Join our free webinar to learn about how our OptiWave software can streamline wave energy project planning, with features ranging from optimal device designs to financial analyses. Projects using optimisation tools such as OptiWave are more likely to be successful and to attract private, national and EU funding.
Join our webinar to: – Meet the OptiWave team from both Wood and Exceedence – Understand the benefits from a user perspective – Watch a live demo of the technical and financial software modules – Learn about a real-world case study which delivered improvements in annual energy production and reductions in levelised cost of energy. – Ask questions and provide feedback

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Raymond Alcorn has 15 years of experience in renewable energy from a commercial and R&D background both overseas and in Ireland. Originally a Chartered electrical engineer, Dr. Alcorn has spent his entire career developing and commercialising renewable energy

Aengus Connolly, senior consultant at Wood.  Aengus is a chartered engineer with 20 years’ experience in the offshore oil and gas industry. Specialising in simulation software, he is the product manager for Wood’s offshore marine engineering simulator, Flexcom. Aengus is also keenly interested in marine renewable energy and works closely with Wood’s clean energy team.

Jointly developed by Wood and Exceedence, the OptiWave platform combines two software tools, Exceedence Finance, a techno-financial modelling package which performs detailed financial appraisals, and Flexcom Wave, an offshore marine energy engineering simulator which provides enhanced insight into power generation capabilities and structural designs. Learn more here<www.woodplc.com/capabilities/digital-and-technology/software,-applications-and-analytics/optiwave>