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Raymond Alcorn

CEO and Founder

Raymond Alcorn has 15 years of experience in renewable energy from a commercial and R&D background both overseas and in Ireland. Originally a Chartered electrical engineer, Dr. Alcorn has spent his entire career developing and commercialising renewable energy.


John Keating

Director and Founder

A Co-Founder of Exceedence and with over 20 years of Corporate Experience, John has extensive knowledge of the Renewable Energy Sector and in particular Marine Renewables.


Annicka Wann

Senior Projects Engineer

Annicka manages our technical projects and has over 10 years’ experience in the renewable energy sector. Her background is in both Energy Systems Engineering as well as in Finance and Economics. She has worked in a range of both EU and National projects in hydropower, energy storage and energy modelling for Utilities and Engineering consultants.


Chris O’Donoghue

Principal Software Engineer

Over 25 years’ experience in professional development of enterprise IT systems using a wide variety of tools, for a range of platforms. Chris has spent the last number of years leading various teams developing software for renewables.

Janice Muhere

Janice Muhere

Admin & Compliance Manager

Janice comes from a background of Office Administration Management. She works closely with the management team and oversees the financial, administrative, and compliance matters of the office.

Rayanne McGrath

Rayanne McGrath


With a background in business and environmental economics, Rayanne has a strong passion for renewable energy and exploring what makes a project financially successful.

Our History


Exceedence Ltd. is an Irish company specialising in the offshore renewable energy sector. The senior team at Exceedence possess deep knowledge and expertise in the specialist areas of renewable energy, finance, ICT, and policy.

We have been successfully providing technical economic services to the sector for over 20 years.

Identifying the need for consistent, reliable financial models to help de-risk renewable energy projects and accelerate their route to market.

Exceedence developed a renewable energy financial modelling solution Exfin .

“Our team at Exceedence are experts in the specialist areas of renewable energy, finance, ICT, and policy. We provide techno-financial modelling and analysis that supports design optimisation, identifies cost reduction pathways, and drives LCOE reductions via project innovation. We exist to de-risk and accelerate the role out of complex renewable energy projects in the race to net zeros”

Ray Alcorn

CEO & Founder

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