We ran a successful Workshop on techno-financial modelling.  We had attendees that crossed our demographic

  • Government Agencies with renewables fund portfolios
  • Wave energy developers
  • Tidal Energy Developers
  • Wind Energy Developers
  • Supply chain and Component developers
  • Research centres

We got a background in modeling from Dr Gordon Dalton and Dr Paul Leahy from UCC.  We also got some of our customers perspectives on modelling with our software.  This was the most surprising as one company reported “we have saved 1200 man hours in 3 months, we have reallocated our engineering resource and we have helped gel the team behind a common method”

We also had 2 good sessions of hands on modelling using our ExceedenceFINANCE software.  We had everyone building models within minutes and had very sophisticated models built and analysed within the hour.

We got plenty feedback so we will run another course on the proper use of IEC TC114 standards for generation of Resource data and of Power curves.

Workshop Agenda

For those who attended, we have all the Workshop materials available here.